To Catch a Thief

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It is 5 November. Today the real estate agent tells us that if all goes to plan with the sale of the house, we will need to be out by 27 November. We’re moving into Mick and Jeannine Reid’s 3-bedroom flat in Katoomba central. This means putting 3000 books in Kennards Storage. I have to […]

Vivid at the Red Party

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Vivid was Jason Whalley and Alexis Feltham’s pre-Frenzal Rhomb high school band (ie. Bruce Baybrooke, Adam ‘Sheady’ Shepherd, Greg Silby, Jason & Lex). Both Jason and Lex believe this to be the only recording of the band. Tracks: Black Magic Woman – 4.49, Blues In E – 9.09, Summertime Blues – 2.38, Caledonia – 3.34, […]

Bermagui Music

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Recollections For many villagers on the far south coast of NSW the community halls have played a huge part in providing family entertainment. Being an alternative to licensed premises, they encouraged both young and old to perform in drama, music and dance. The Bermagui Hall, although not as pleasing to the eye as the historic […]

Le Marlin Cafe

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Le Marlin Café (1982-1986) 4 Bunga Street Bermagui   To most people, the flying blue Marlin adorning the corner of an older group of shops in Bermagui goes unnoticed, but it’s remembered fondly by many as home of Le Marlin Café, eating place, meeting place and venue for some incredible acts for a few years in […]

On Recording

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In 1982 I decided to record unlikely events – mostly musical – that others may have missed. While everyone else was bootlegging Bob Dylan, I preferred to tape the streets of Sydney or Bermagui’s Le Marlin Café. The only subject I pursued with dedication was Tiny Tim, most of the time I ran tape because […]

Music Bootlegs

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Music Tapes Chronological Listing A complete list of the music that I have taped live 1972 – ‘Live At The Gateway’. Leanne & Brian Patterson: Train, Amazing Grace, Pick Up The Broken Pieces, Concrete Jungle, Try A Little Kindness. Archie Steele: Theme Song From ‘Martin Luther’, He Touched Me Pts 1 & 2. Brian Patterson […]

Interviews with Tiny

Complete Tiny Tim-ology Of Tapes Chronological Listing A complete list of the Tiny Tim music that I have taped 21 August 1983 – ‘Wirian’ – Peter Royles (performing to Tiny): TAPE ONE (Side A): Talk. (Side B) Meeting Rosemary, Holding Out On Life (Rosemary). Tiny & Peter: It’s All In The Game. Peter Royles: I […]

Tiny Tim

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New: Martin Sharp and Zero Communications (Osaka, Japan) have recently released three new Tiny Tim CDs which are worth purchasing. They are: Wonderful World of Romance Chameleon Stardust. We are always delighted to hear from people who love Tiny Tim. All enquiries should go to: Martin Sharp Wirian 3 Victoria Road Bellevue Hill NSW 2023 […]

Interviews on Cassette Tape

Chronological Listing A complete list of my recorded interviews on tapes I have in my possession 1 November 1981 – Interview musician Slim Dusty at the Village Motor Inn, Bega. Also present: photographer Dave Newlands (60 minutes) 31 May 1982 – Interview poet Robert Adamson at his home in Mosman. Also present: Debra Adamson. (180 […]

I Never Saw the Cat

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(2002) CD Cover by Joel Tarling Music written and performed by Allan Broadhurst Like my cousin Stewart Walker and Clayton Simms, Allan Broadhurst and me go wayback. We were in our first high school band together and we later formed The Wilts. However, we never wrote together, largely because until 2001 Allan never wrote anything. […]